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Legal Aid

Legal aid is a system set up by the Government to enable those without financial means to get equal access to the law.

Here at J R Jones Solicitors, we can provide legal aid in some areas of law.

In certain areas of law, the legal aid system will pay for you to obtain legal advice and representation from a Solicitor. The advice and representation you will receive from J R Jones Solicitors will be of the same high standard as if you were paying privately.

Only select firms of Solicitors are appointed by the Legal Services commission to offer legal aid. We have had to pass a number of qualifying criteria to be able to offer high quality legal aid advice to the public.

We offer legal aid in the following areas of law:

  • Family Law including Domestic abuse
  • Child Care (with Social services involvement)
  • Criminal defence

Qualifying for legal aid

If you do not qualify for legal aid we can still help you. We offer competitive costs in all areas of law and we can give you an estimate of costs before undergoing any work on your behalf. Please contact us for a consultation.