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Driving whilst using a Mobile Phone

New offences and penalties have recently been introduced due to the number of accidents where use of a mobile phone or other communicationscontact us device was a contributory factor.

We have a great deal of experience in defending all types of motoring offences including driving whilst using a mobile phone.

In legal terms, the use of a mobile phone includes either making a telephone call or sending a text.

Driving whilst using a mobile phone is split into 3 separate offences. They are:

  • Using a hand held telephone whilst driving
  • Permitting or causing the use of a hand held telephone by the driver of a vehicle
  • Supervising a provisional license holder whilst using a hand held telephone

If you are convicted of this offence, the penalty is 3 points and a fine of up to £1000. (For Passenger vehicle drivers or HGV drivers the fine can be up to £2500).

More serious penalties may apply if you are involved in an accident whilst using a mobile phone as you may be charged with either Driving without due care and attention or Dangerous driving.

Do I require a solicitor for a motoring offence?

Some people choose to represent themselves in Court to try and save money on legal fees. This is almost always a mistake. The Courts have heard every excuse that exists for motoring offences and will not be impressed by someone with little or no understanding of the law trying to defend themselves.

A specialist motoring offences solicitor with knowledge and experience of the law will offer you the best chance of achieving a favourable outcome in your case.

Contact us to speak to one of our solicitors who will assess your case and advise you on a possible defence.